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Learn more about us. Students can take advantage of a wide range of courses and degrees. Graduates will be able to pursue the career choice of their life.


Learn all about admissions. Please be reminded that admission requirements may vary from one programme to



Please contact us for further requirements or any questions concerning your admission. Call us:

+44 (0)20 7946 0537


Our faculties offer integrated courses covering large fields of interests. Depending on your choosen field of study and degree, courses may be conducted under the umbrella of more than one faculty. This gives you the opportunity to get the best academic results. You can also meet students from a diverse range of interests.


Each faculty offers a variety of courses, degrees and certificates to which you must apply. Please choose your degree and area of interest first.

Our Faculties

Science, engineering and computing

Political science and business

Social science and psychology

Life science and health care

Arts, public relations and journalism

Language, education, cultural studies